Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful Arsenic

You know how you're shopping and something just catches your eye? I picked up a copy of June 2011's Real Simple at Costco today. This is what caught my attention.

So many things I love about this cover. The pretty beadboard. The simple, but lovely shapes of teapot and bowls and pitcher. The perfectly casual, but arranged collections on the open shelves. And that color. What is that color??

Farrow & Ball Arsenic.

Arsenic had seemed so intimidating, so intense on my color swatches. In this photo, it looks beautifully vintage and inviting. It just might be the perfect color for my mudroom (which has been bare drywall for months and months).

Here's an image of Arsenic from the Farrow & Ball site. What do you think?


  1. I love the choices that you have made in your house, but I would tread lightly with Arsenic. We originally painted our mudroom a very, very similar color and it just didn't work the way I envisioned it would. Now our mudroom in Benjamin Moore's Hawthorne Yellow (oil based as the latex version of this particular color comes out a slightly different shade). The shelving and cubbies are a crisp white and we have a large, old wooden bench we refinished with Krylon's Osha Red. I am much happier with the results and I think our mudroom is now a real stunner. Only you know best what works in your house, but I would play around with some other choices before I commit to taking a dose of Arsenic. Thanks so much for your lovely blog, Lauren

    1. About to paint the ballroom at the Hill Farm (16' x 24' with 16' sidewalls) in Arsenic. Tread lightly? Never! For those of you who have been to Mount Vernon - the colour is very much like the large "new" room in the Adam Style. The PERFECT Georgian Green!

  2. Lauren, I really appreciate your sharing your mudroom experience. I definitely do not want to repaint again. That would be beyond annoying! It sounds like I should follow my initial leanings and go with something a little less intense. That dose of Arsenic may be toxic. :) By the way, your sunny-colored mudroom with the pop of red sounds gorgeous!

  3. A mud room is a place to have fun...And I do like the Arsenic in the beadboard picture...But it looks very intense in the bathroom photo. Maybe better for an accent piece? Depends on how much and what you have in there...Cabinetry or other? Also how much window and light, maybe.

    My girls did a similar, but more springy, green in their bedroom when we built the house. The color bouncing off the walls at the other walls seemed to intensify it too much, and we changed the color quickly.

  4. So funny! We did something similar with one of my girls' bedrooms in our previous house. I wanted a springy Pottery Barn Kids light green and ended up with an alien neon glow green. Color can be so tricky.


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