Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Odds and ends and bits of fluff

That's pretty much all that's in my brain at the moment. Random, useless bits of stuff.

My husband just came home from dropping off Pretzel Boy's new-to-him (early Christmas present) Epiphone Dot at the guitar tech's place. In addition to performing bicycle contortions, Pretzel Boy has also taken up serious jazz guitar. His Saturdays are now spent doing lessons and classes and ensembles. I've become guitar mom the way other parents are soccer/hockey/baseball moms. Anyway, this guitar tech is apparently The Man for setting up jazz guitars and sets up Pat Metheny's guitars. So very cool. We're now two degrees away from Pat Metheny.

The kitchen is. That pretty much describes the state of things. Static. Not changing.

On the other hand, things outside the kitchen are changing rapidly. This is what I saw driving up my street the other day. The sunlight glinted gold through the leaves. Breathtaking. Literally. I stopped breathing for a second, just caught by the glory.

Autumn is here. The children are getting more and more keyed up as they anticipate Halloween and this year's ultimate sugar high. We crunch as we walk to and from school, our feet kicking up puffs of leaves. A gathering of pumpkins adorns our front lawn along with various bits of seasonal decor. I wanted to create a rope spiderweb for our portico, but ran out of time. Maybe next year. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (our holiday tradition) is in our DVD player. I'm eyeing this apple peeler/corer from Williams-Sonoma and dreaming of pies.

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