Thursday, December 17, 2009

Less than zero

It's more than a Bret Easton Ellis novel and 80s movie. It's a forecast. According to the Globe, the National Weather Service predicts "temperatures will plunge tonight to near zero in the suburbs and maybe even dip a little below that."

See? Snarkiness always bites me on the ass.

We really are in Antarctica, Toto.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to test the freezing nostrils scenario tonight. Three out of five household members (including moi) have been felled by a virus. So I'm wrapped in blankets and eating saltines. Indoors. I have a funny feeling that there will be another "freezing nostril test" opportunity soon.

And Less Than Zero? Features personal favorites, Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downey Jr., and James Spader. I might have to Netflix it. Just for nostalgia's sake.

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