Sunday, December 20, 2009

Better off dead

Not really. But you'll catch the reference. Or maybe you'll have to see the movie again. It stars John Cusack so it's not all bad. Or you can just take the shortcut and Google the movie.

Today, I snorted snow for the first time. It gave me quite a jolt, buzzing through my sinuses. Though I was a party monkey in my younger days, my partying was limited to more prosaic stuff. Coke may have been the glamour drug of the 80s, but this girl had never personally experienced its charms. And still hasn't. Because today, I actually snorted snow. Real snow. The light powdery stuff floating through the air. And really. Not so good.

It wasn't on purpose. I was madly shoveling out from under 7+ inches of snow. With my hair frosted in snow. (My husband lost our one and only adult-sized hat.) And with my sweatpants caked with the white stuff. (Somehow I haven't found the time to buy myself snow pants. My children have a couple of pairs each. Go figure.) And sniffling (from the virus that has hit our household). Hence the snow-snorting.

So. Straight from the source. Just say no to snow. Doesn't feel good.

P.S. The white stuff is still falling. It feels like we're living in a snow globe.

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