Thursday, August 6, 2009

People 0; Plant 1

A landscape designer came by today to educate us on the plants sprawling across our gardens. We went, literally plant by plant, discussing whether to pull, prune, or leave alone. Later this afternoon, I decided to get right to work on our plans. I especially wanted to pull the plants that were in our future vegetable garden.

There is one particular plant...very tall and stalky with elongated clusters of blooms. The bees love it. It's very lanky and leggy and easily pulled. Well, it apparently has a defense mechanism other than entrenched roots. It burns.

My wrists above my gloves itch and burn. My face, ears, and neck (where I rubbed them) itch and burn. I washed with water. I took a shower with soap. Still they burn. I didn't get all of the plants either. There were too many bees on some clusters so I left them for later. Dang. How am I going to get them out?

You'd never know that living this close to Boston, I live in wild kingdom. The other day, Will took the kids to see the wild turkey and its six poults walking down our sidewalk. Our sidewalk! What a funny sight!

Oh, and we've inadvertently started a compost bin. I had swept up a bunch of pine needles a few weeks ago, and the kids put them in the tall plastic bin. Well, now, it's composting. Earthworms and all. Isn't that cool? Now I'm going to have to read up on how to maintain it.

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