Monday, August 31, 2009


Finally! A beautiful day at the Cape.

The boy and I hiked on the beach into Provincetown. Will and the girls joined us in town where we grabbed a quick lunch and wandered down Commercial Street. Lots of fun boutiques and galleries here shoulder-to-shoulder with the usual t-shirt shops. I stopped by John Derian's tiny Provincetown shop. Lovely things. I think that we'll use some of his trays to decorate the kitchen after it has been remodeled. The shop was off on a side street and marked by a discreet sign. I can't believe that anyone would stumble upon it unless they knew it was there.

The boy picked out this mindboggling metal puzzle as a souvenir. We've been playing with it all afternoon. No one has solved it yet.

In the afternoon, dad and son went off to clamber over the entire stone jetty to the tidal flats. The girls and I played on a beach. The sunny morning had given way to a chilly, gray afternoon. The water was freezing, but it didn't stop my stalwarts from playing in the shallows. I have to say that New Englanders must be hearty souls...or at least have hardy soles. (Boo!...sorry!) The entire shore was covered with stones and shells, and after walking across a few times, my tender, city-soft feet were screaming. No Caribbean soft sand here. The sand granules were the size of seasalt...not the fine table salt. Ouch. At least my feet are now beautifully exfoliated.

After an hour, we were blue and shivering and ready for hot baths. After a simple early dinner of whatever was in the fridge, we were back out on the beach in front of our rental, watching sailboats pass and playing in the sand until the sun set. A lovely end to a lovely day.

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