Sunday, April 3, 2011


The house still seems curiously quiet. No furious barking at Portia's mortal enemies (the coffee grinder, kitchen garbage bag, and vacuum cleaner). No nails clicking on the hardwood floors during a game of chase with the kids. I know that she was an animal, but her passing has left a tangible absence in our family. An emptiness.

A couple of days after Portia's passing, I came down with flu. High fever. Aches. Misery. So that's why I'd felt so off-kilter. Not just sadness and stress and the fatigue of spending a night holding a dying dog.

The best said about last week is that it has passed. But today I can get out of bed without reeling (punch-drunk without the fun). And it is starting to feel like spring. Thanks for your sympathy and your visits. They added light to an otherwise dark week.

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