Monday, March 21, 2011

In springtime

In springtime,
The only pretty ring time,
Birds sing, "Hey ding...a-ding a-ding."
Sweet lovers love...the spring.

~ Willy Wonka

Happy first day of spring!

To celebrate, I had ideas. Plans, even. Plans and ideas. All of which centered around photographing signs of spring. A green blade thrusting through the dirt. Fat bursting buds. Maybe even a flower.

But I live in New England, home of tempermental weather. For most of the day, it snowed. And slurried. And spit icy rain. All in all, a most unspringlike beginning to spring.

The mail saved the day.

There's something about the phrase "Royal Mail" that evokes romance. "United States Postal Service" just doesn't have the same ring. "Royal Mail" conjures up images of a gleaming carriage à la Cinderella. And a footman with powdered peruke bowing, "Your package, Madame."

Inside the package? Buttons! English buttons!

I greedily poured them through my fingers. They felt smooth, lovely. If I were a miser, I'd cackle happily. Instead ( know...I'm not), I poured them into a jar.

Don't these colors remind you of springtime?

So much prettier than the slushy gray outside. I absolutely love the gentle greens and pale lemons and muted ocher. The colors remind me of my Cooking Apple Green kitchen.

So what am I planning to do with a jar of buttons? "Stay tuned," say I mysteriously.


  1. It's spitting down snow & stuff here, too. Most unspringlike. Those buttons are beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. Looking forward to finding out what's up with the wonderful buttons! We're actually having a decent start to spring for once.

  3. I want to know where did you buy the English buttons from!

  4. Ha ha! Somehow Royal Mail isn't as romantic when you live in the UK and been waiting for your first class post for days and days.. But ever so lovely photos from you (as usual!) Cheers!

  5. It's finally feeling more springlike. Chilly, but at least it's sunny.

    Deva, I'll reveal my source when I write up my project. First, of course, I have to actually do the project. I'm very excited about it. I hope it works.

    I laughed out loud when I read your comment about the Royal Mail. Maybe the mail actually is delivered by horse-drawn carriage? That might explain the delays. :) Thanks so much for visiting!


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