Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Farrow & Ball colors for 2011

The new 2011 colors for Farrow & Ball have been officially announced, and suddenly, I wish I had more spaces in my house to paint. The new colors (I really want to type "colours," but I'm pretty sure that would be ridiculously affected. Then before you know it, I might start saying "lieutenant" with an "f" and "aluminum" with an extra "i.") span a range of neutrals. Neutrals, that is, with the exception of the definitively orange Charlotte's Locks, No. 268.

The most interesting new colors to me are their purple-neutrals. If you've considered dabbling in lilac or eggplant, but don't want to go particularly pastel or vivid, you may consider these colors. They have that elusive Farrow & Ball quality of being colorful (without being blinding) and neutral (without being muddy). This is what I love about Cooking Apple Green, and it's what made me plunk down the dollars for the paint.

Calluna, No. 270 is a gorgeous, subtle lilac, one that carries an air of quiet chic. I can particularly see this color in a modern, urban space. I can't wait to see this one in person.

Brassica, No. 271 is an aged, darker version of Calluna. Wouldn't this be spectacular in a jewel of a powder room? Or on your front door? I love this color. Purple without being purple. Perfect.

If I were still working on my kitchen cabinets, the colors I'd want to examine in detail are Mizzle, No. 266 and Manor House Gray, No. 265. Farrow & Ball states that Mizzle is a soft blue gray, but it reads like a stone-colored neutral on my monitor. Perhaps a chameleon of a neutral, which is always intriguing. Manor House Gray appears to be a really lovely gray. I wonder about using it for flooring.

Have fun browsing! Some day soon (if it ever stops snowing), I'll head out to the paint store to see these colors in person.


  1. Love the Mizzle, but it looks green to me. The Manor House looks like it might be the color I really wanted for my stove area...Creamy gray without being taupe. But it's hard to tell on a computer screen and it can't happen anyway, since the closest store is 3 hours away... :-( Paint is difficult enough to choose in person, so I'd never be able to do it online.

  2. The Mizzle looks greenish to me too. I wonder how much the shipping is if you buy those little sample pots. That's what I do at the paint stores anyway. Buy the little sample pots. The Farrow & Ball colors seem to really reflect their environment so you can't judge the colors just from the swatches at the store. I agree paint is so hard to choose!

  3. I thought I had left a comment earlier this week, but I must not have. I'm usually not a purple gal, but I love the Brassica in the second picture. So warm! I just gave you a stylish blogger award. Pop on over to claim it.

  4. Thanks, laxsupermom! What a nice way to kick off Monday morning. I'll head over in a bit. :)


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