Monday, September 19, 2011

More Anthropologie love

I don't do ornamental kitchen accessories.

My kitchen is naked of bits of wrought iron. There are no ceramic roosters or pigs or cows roaming my counters. (And why is it always farm animals? Not just farm animals. Farm animals on the people food chain. A ceramic kitchen donkey, for example, is pretty rare. A kitchen rooster...not so much. Is it easier to eat bacon if a cute, winking pig sits by your sink?)

Sorry. I'm digressing. And this isn't a sermon on becoming vegetarian. That would be hypocritical. And it isn't a rant about farm animals used as decor. (One of my favorite decorative pieces...a remnant from a French Country obsession I had years an iron rooster that sits in my music room.)

Don't get me wrong. My countertops are cluttered. Always. (Which may be why I don't want to add to the chaos with copper this or china that.) I do love useful kitchen items though. The graceful curves of utensil canisters or mixing bowls or pitchers make me swoon. So I'm always keeping an eye out for something utilitarian and colorful and lovely to add to my kitchen.

So of course I fell in love with these.

These little spice jars from Anthropologie are perfection. They come in four soft, beautifully retro  colors, perfect for a vintage kitchen. Each lid has a rubber ring to make the container airtight. Their size is perfect for spices (or sugar cubes or paper clips or tiny dog treats). I keep salt and pepper and a combination of sugar/cinnamon in mine. I think I'll put sugar cubes in the fourth. Each is numbered and says, "Plein de Bonnes Choses" along the bottom (which frankly veers a bit Martha Stewart for me...although cutely Francophone. Still that doesn't detract too much from this jar's overall adorableness).

Best of all, each spice jar is only $4. Four dollars! Come on. What can you buy for $4? Another dish towel? This is like the perfect little treat for your house.

Just picture these in your Cooking Apple White (or white or cream or yellow) kitchen.



  1. So I had to look it up (the translation) for myself?! :-) I have no knowledge of French past Oui. Until now, I guess!

    Those are SO cute.

    I finally have some kale so get to try your kale chips recipe! I'll blog about it when I do. So excited to have such a healthy alternative to one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

  2. I'm sure you're super busy this time of year, but if you have any time in the new year, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love more photos of your kitchen! (or any other parts of your house)

    Happy holidays!

  3. Thanks so much, guys!

    Julianna, I'll definitely post more photos once things are finished. A lot of my renovations are stalled in the "one last thing to do before we're done" phase. Hopefully 2012 will be the year we actually can mark things as done!

  4. very adorable and perfect for your kitchen!

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